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February 2015

This blog post was published while Jordana Viuker Brennan was a Senior Energy Engineer at Steven Winter Associates.  It's related to brick building facade design.

Urban Gardening

"If you're a homeowner, and you're unsure how to tackle a project, and you need some guidance from a professional, Jordana is the person to use to make a better decision.  She brings new ideas to the table."

Judy Abrahams

"It is a real pleasure to work with someone of Jordana’s caliber! She carries herself with professionalism and aplomb and responds to emails and other communications promptly. Jordana is well organized and well versed in her areas of expertise. She sees the big picture while focusing as necessary on the details essential to successful project completion. Plus, Jordana is committed to energy efficiency and brings a keen whole building approach based on science and best practices."

Erlend Kimmich

"One has many choices when it comes to having a home inspection or an energy audit done for one's home.  Jordana, as a result of her education, training, and experience, sees things that most people do not even consider, offers a kind of checklist (with pictures, recommendations, and even online links to useful solutions / ideas), and, if you want more help, follows through."

John Clever & Andrea Boyar

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